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Counseling Services

Family Services’ Counseling Center offers the following therapeutic services for adults:

Individual, Group, Marriage and Family Counseling

  • Address issues such as relationship problems, family communication, grief and loss, depression and anxiety, and recovery from trauma.

Counseling for Survivors

  • Individual counseling for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, or of a crime.

Co-Parenting Sessions

  • Help former spouses/partners improve communication and cooperation so that they can parent healthy children through separation.

Specialized Programs

  • Therapeutic reunification 
  • Co-parenting sessions/Therapeutic co-parenting sessions
  • Domestic violence assessments

Socialization and Intimacy Sessions

  • Help developmentally disabled individuals develop and maintain safe and appropriate interpersonal relationships. 

For more information on counseling services for adults, please call 559-741-7310.

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