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Vision, Mission, & Values

What guides Family Services' work.

This is how we see the future.

Our vision is a community of healthy people in supportive relationships and safe environments.


This is how we are organized to make our vision a reality.

Our mission is to help children, adults, and families throughout Tulare County heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships.

While our program areas are broad, physical and emotional safety are the common threads that tie together everything we do. We build safety in homes, in relationships, and for children through informed and compassionate care that helps people heal from trauma. And when we have safe homes, safe relationships, and safe children, we have a safer community where everyone can thrive.


This is our compass.

Our organizational values guide our decision-making.

  1. Safety: We prioritize physical and emotional safety as the foundation of our work.

  2. Trustworthiness: We maximize transparency, maintain appropriate boundaries, and do what we say we will do.

  3. Choice: We encourage shared decision-making and goal-setting.

  4. Collaboration: We work alongside our colleagues, clients, volunteers, donors, and community partners to advance our mission and vision.

  5. Empowerment: We recognize and build upon individuals’ strengths, experiences, resiliency, and internal personal power.

  6. Inclusive Diversity: We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures are encouraged and embraced.    


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