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Corazón Lastimado : Healing the Wounded Heart Sexual Assault Survivor Online Art Exhibit

Survivors of Sexual Assault experience trauma that is often overlooked and misunderstood. Every survivor’s healing journey is a unique and ongoing process. This art exhibit showcases how survivors have healed, processed, and expressed themselves while exploring, understanding, and moving through their traumatic experiences. As you look at each piece and read its description, consider the survivor's experience in the context of their life.  We hope this display will help individuals understand the needs and experiences of survivors. Our hope is that this gallery can encourage and teach you how to become a supportive ally.

To all the survivors viewing this art exhibit, we hope this serves as a reminder that you are not alone. We see you, believe you and are with you. We hope you find strength and inspiration as you see how others have moved toward healing.

We acknowledge this exhibit can be powerful and activate certain emotions within individuals.

For support please contact the Rape Crisis Center hotline at 559-732-7273. The Rape Crisis Center hotline is confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

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