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Silvia's Story: safe & confident

Silvia reached out to Family Services to protect herself and her children from an ex-boyfriend. She had left the abusive relationship a year ago by moving out of town. Silvia was doing well, attending school and working full-time.

Things changed when her ex-boyfriend learned where she and her children were staying. When the threats and stalking began, Silvia felt their safety was at risk again. "I was scared of the lengths he would go for me to go back. I knew that I could not continue living in fear," she shared, "I needed a better place to continue rebuilding my life."

Karen's House made Silvia feel safe. She was granted a temporary restraining order. She connected with services and worked on mending relationships with her children. Silvia also addressed her mental and physical health, which were deeply impacted by the abuse she endured.

After three months at the shelter, Silvia moved into an apartment with newfound safety and confidence. "I didn't deserve what he put me through. Now, I feel hopeful and ready to heal from the past trauma. I hug my children tight. We are happy and lucky to have found help here."

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