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Family Services' Announces New Interim CEO

The board of Family Services of Tulare County is pleased to announce the appointment of an Interim Chief Executive Officer, Hannah Giles.  

After an extensive search, and interviews with several outside candidates, the decision to appoint Hannah, our current Director of Family Support Services, has met with enthusiastic approval of the board.  Experienced in communications and administration, Hannah also understands and is passionately committed to the unique mission of Family Services, “to help children, adults, and families heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships.”

Hannah has demonstrated an excellent working relationship with the FSTC Board, staff and most importantly our clients, and her consistent efforts have already helped provide leadership for the agency.  Hannah will serve in this position through the fiscal year end of June 2024, which provides time to make the best possible decision for a permanent Chief Executive Officer.  

The Board is committed to supporting Hannah and our staff as they continue to serve the community, especially in this time of leadership transition.  As we look forward to the June 15th celebration of 40 years of Family Service’s assistance to families experiencing trauma in our communities, we also celebrate the growth the agency will experience through the leadership of Hannah Giles, Interim CEO.  

-Stephanie Amaral
FSTC Board President

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