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Maria's Story: How Family Services is Helping One Family Overcome Domestic Violenc

After enduring domestic violence for more than 10 years, Maria and her three boys found safety and support at Karen’s House, Family Services’ emergency domestic violence shelter.  Even though Maria had her own career as a teacher in Mexico, when she arrived at the shelter she hardly recognized the sound of her own voice.  She had been isolated for years as part of the domestic violence, and starting over alone in a country where she knew no one, didn’t speak the language, and feared for her physical safety felt impossible.

Maria recently told her own story of healing, resilience, and hope in a video for Family Services. Once afraid to ride the bus or shop on her own in a store, Maria has now learned to speak English, purchased her own car, and become a college student working toward earning her California teaching credential.  She’s proud of her three boys who are all earning good grades in school and who tell her their life is better now. Her dream is to provide for her children by returning to the classroom once again as a teacher.

We invite you to watch Maria’s video and bear witness to her story and transformation from victim to survivor. It illustrates how much someone can overcome with a little help from the community when they needed it most.

Watch the video here.

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