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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic surge, Family Services' offices are currently closed to public walk-ins.  Normal hours of operation remain while staff conducts services remotely or by appointment only. As always, essential crisis services will remain available.   Read more.



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Stories of Hope: Collaboration

Stories of Hope: Collaboration

This story is part of a series about how Trauma Informed Values shape Family Services' work. Click here to read the introductory post.

4. Collaboration: We collaborate and share power with clients.

Danielle came to Family Services after law enforcement encouraged her to seek help for domestic violence. Soon after we met her, we realized her case was more complicated than that. Danielle disclosed that not only had her husband been physically abusing her, he had also forced her to engage in sex trafficking.

Family Services’ domestic violence, legal, and human trafficking teams worked together with Danielle to help her find safety and collaborated with her every step of the way— from determining her best option for safe housing, to deciding how and whether to report the human trafficking aspect of her case. When she did decide to report, the detective and District Attorney became part of Danielle’s collaborative “team” and also asked for her input in their processes.

Danielle had reported domestic violence many times in her 10 years with her husband, but this time she was able to break free. She said the difference was participating in a collaborative process where so many people were concerned for her well-being. Danielle has transformed from victim to survivor and is moving forward with her goals.

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