2021: A Year of Reflection
A message from Caity Meader, CEO

Dear Family Services Supporters & Friends,

Thank you for being such an important part of our work to help children, adults, and families in our community heal from violence. In coming alongside Family Services, you are you helping survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and child abuse find safety and critical services to heal from trauma.

In compiling this snapshot of our organization’s activities, we’ve had an opportunity to reflect on the enormity of the challenges we have all faced this past year. We are filled with both grief and gratitude. Nurturing a renewed vision for the future and overcoming the residual sorrow of the moments in 2021 that challenged our vision of a world free from violence. We are reminded that trauma is not just an individual experience. Our community has been through a significant collective disruption - with ripple effects impacting families, businesses, institutions, traditions, both personal and professional relationships. We are deeply conscious of the fact that prolonged community tragedies can produce lingering impacts not just for those who have experienced them, but on future generations.  

We remain deeply optimistic that, with your help, we can embrace the opportunities in front of us and together use this challenging year as a stepping stone into the next incredible phase Family Services. With your continued support, Family Services can remain responsive to the rapidly increasing numbers of crime victims and families impacted by trauma emerging from this time and reaching out with more complex needs than ever. Gifts from caring community members like you make it possible to meet this increased demand. With you standing alongside us, we remain hopeful and committed to building a community of greater safety, strength, and resiliency.

In Service,




Caity Meader, Chief Executive Officer

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