Outreach & Prevention

Outreach & Prevention

Family Services engages the community to raise awareness about domestic violence, teen dating violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, and to reach victims where they are. Schedule a presentation about sexual assault to your school, service club, church group, business, or other group. Popular topics include:

  • General Overview of Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, or Teen Dating Violence
  • The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Trauma 101
  • Internet Sex Crimes
  • Sexual Assault Response Team Overview/Collaborative Response
  • Child Sexual Abuse Overview & Prevention
  • Correlation between Sexual Assault and Alcohol & Other Drugs

Through our Rape Prevention Education program, Family Services aims to eliminate the individual, relationship, community, and societal influences that result in perpetration, victimization, and bystander attitudes that allow sexual violence to occur.

One of our strategies is to saturate two communities in our County with a multi-faceted primary prevention approach by implementing and evaluating effective multi-session educational seminars delivered to high school students in grades 9-12. We conduct "MyStrength" Clubs for males at Lindsay and Woodlake High Schools. These clubs include discussions among the young men that explore prevalent notions of masculinity and their relationship with sexual violence, healthy and respectful relationships, and men's roles in preventing sexual violence. We also provide parallel groups to females, called "MyVoice" Clubs. Sessions aim to change participants’ knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and norms around sexual violence, and emphasize fostering healthy relationships.

To schedule a presentation or learn more about our prevention work, please contact us at 559-732-7371.

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