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Parenting Resources & Support

Family Services provides a spectrum of parenting education resources that keep children safe by equipping parents with healthy, well-balanced parenting skills. Our parent educators teach free parenting classes for community members and travel to homes and correctional facilities to work with parents from all walks of life.

Family Services provides free “Nurturing Parenting” classes for interested community members at locations throughout Tulare County. We use evidence-based curriculum and offer classes in English and Spanish. For a schedule and locations of current classes, please contact us at 559-625-4894.

Family Services provides In Home Parenting Support services to families that have experienced or who are at risk for child abuse or neglect. Our trained parent educators visit families in their home environment and utilize evidence-based curriculum to assist parents in learning the necessary skills to keep children safe and foster healthy parent-child relationships. Families who participate in our Parenting Wisely or SafeCare services are referred to us by Child Welfare Services.

Family Services also collaborates with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office to provide the Gang Awareness Parenting Project (GAPP). Our parent educators work with inmates who are close to being released to help them develop parenting skills they can put to use when they return to live with their families. The parent educator teaches the same skills to the “outmate”—the co-parent or children’s caretakers at home, so that once the inmate is released, both caretakers can work together with a common skillset.

For information on free community parenting classes, please call 559-625- 4894. For information on in-home parenting support and GAPP, please call 559-741- 7319.

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